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CAPS News - 4 November 2020

In today’s CAPS News, we share new metrics on supply management organizational structure, give a nod to supplier diversity all-stars, talk about supply chain resilience, and more.

CAPS News - 4 Nov 2020

In this issue of CAPS News, we take a look at Supplier Diversity programs, the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains, a new study on plastic pollution, and more.

CAPS News - 21 Oct 2020

In this issue of CAPS News, new metrics about analytics teams, a cybersecurity report available now, and survey opportunity with CAPS Research

CAPS News - 7 Oct 2020

New metrics from our "Supplier Due Diligence Assessments" survey, the findings of a sustainability study on plastics pollution, and as always, opportunities to participate in surveys and get metric reports in return.

CAPS News - 23 Sept 2020

In this newsletter, we look at new data to increase transparency in the supply chain, travel & entertainment, survey opportunities, and more.

CAPS News - 9 Sept 2020

In this edition of CAPS News, we look at what compensation benefits retain early-career supply management employees, managing supplier quality, and more.

CAPS News - 26 Aug 2020

At 83% of the companies we surveyed, supplier assessments are the responsibility of the supply management org - new metrics. Plus, mapping your supply network.

CAPS News - 20 Aug 2020

Our newly-redesigned biweekly newsletter delivers news, metrics, best practices, and research in an above-the-fold way. This time, supplier diversity, the CAPS Community, internal customer experience, and more.

CAPS News - July 2020

In this month's newsletter we talk about P2P cycle time and new measurements of value for strategic supply management.

CAPS News - June 2020

In this month's CAPS News, we welcome new leadership and share new metrics on supplier assessment tools and on outsourcing supply management activities.

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