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Retaining early-career supply management pros

What are the most effective compensation practices for retaining early-career supply management professionals? According to companies, performance bonuses top the list at 62%.

7 stages to business-aligned spend strategies

A category management playbook can serve as an excellent guide for supply management professionals. Here are seven stages you should include.

CAPS News - 13 Jan 2020

In this issue of CAPS News, we explore predictions and trends for 2021, release 6 newly-unlocked reports in the CAPS Library, and more.

Job offers & early-career SM pros

What are the primary factors that increase acceptance of job offers by early-career supply management professionals?

CAPS News - 16 Dec 2020

CAPS is launching a new boosted membership. Plus, 7 steps every category management playbook should include, new reports, and supply management news.

New Year, All New CAPS Membership

The CAPS team is excited to announce a whole new value-driven approach to CAPS membership. We’ve listened closely to member CPOs and our Executive Advisory Board. We’re launching new products focused on richer insights and more applications for you and your organization.

How to Implement a Category Management Approach

Category Management is a critical function in strategic supply management organizations. "A Playbook for Category Management" dives into benefits of and reasons for implementation.

Factors driving the implementation of category management

The executives we surveyed said the top factors driving the implementation of category management include creating value for the business as the top factor, followed by reduced costs, and reduced supply chain risk.

Online Marketplaces & Procurement

Originally consumer-focused, online marketplaces are now poised to disrupt B2B business. We discuss the opportunities and risks of online marketplaces and changes to expect for the future of procurement.

CAPS News - 18 Nov 2020

In today’s CAPS News, we share new metrics on supply management organizational structure, give a nod to supplier diversity all-stars, talk about supply chain resilience, and more.