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Q: What does “CAPS” stand for?

A: “CAPS” stands for “Center for Advanced Procurement Strategy.”

Q: Is my company a member?

A: Check our member page to see if your company is currently a member. For full access, create an account.

Q: Some documents are “locked”—how do I open them?

A: CAPS reserves or “locks” post-2014 benchmarking reports, research studies, and event presentations for member companies only. Pre-2014 benchmarking and research reports are available to everyone (please note: event presentations are locked exclusively for members). Learn more about CAPS membership benefits.

 Q: I’m an ISM member—don’t I have full access?

A: Full access is provided to CAPS member companies only. Everyone else, including ISM members, can access benchmarking and research reports published more than 4 years ago - more than 30 years of supply management wisdom. CAPS and ISM will offer a discount for bundled corporate memberships – contact us for more questions.

Q: I work for a member company—how do I get full access?

A: Create your account and please be sure to use your business email, not a personal one, for your log-in validation.

Q: My company is not a member. What is the cost?

A: Check our membership page for information.

Q: My company is not a member. Do you have individual memberships?

A: No. CAPS Research does not provide individuals with access apart from a company membership.

Q: Will you give me free access in a free trial membership?

A: No, not at this time. Please contact us if you’re trying to decide if CAPS membership is right for your organization.

Q: I signed up for your emails but they go to my junk/clutter box or I don't receive them at all - what can I do?

A: We recommend filtering our messages out of auxiliary boxes, adding us to your Safe Senders list, or whitelisting CAPS domains. We've summed up some Safe Senders List information - please review it and let us know if you still have issues.

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