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CAPS News-12 June 2024

Read about: Supplier Risk Assessment Process, Estimating Risk, Third-Party Risk Management, ISM's Report On Business

CAPS News-29 May 2024

Read about: New Metrics of Supply Management Dashboard | Managed Spend Data | Decreasing Global Inflation | India's Emerging Supply Chain Role

CAPS News-15 May 2024

Read about: Register for Sustainability Webinar, Member Engagement Report, ESG Barriers, Manufacturing, Tariffs

CAPS News-01 May 2024

Read about: ESG Requirements, Implementation Drivers, Sustainability Initiatives, Plastic Pollution, Shipping

CAPS News-17 April 2024

Read about: Nearshoring Framework and Strategies, Sourcing Steel, Managing Geopolitical Risks, AI Degree, Payment Fraud

CAPS News-03 April 2024

Read about: CAPS Flagship Survey Opportunity, Cost Savings Quick Poll and Top Priorities, ISM Report on Business

CAPS News-20 March 2024

Read About: New Research about Generative AI in Procurement, AI in Software Decisions, Revolutionizing the Supply Chain with AI

CAPS News-21 February 2024

Read about: CPOs Top Priorities, Freight and Transportation KPIs-New Survey Results, Are You Prepared for Transportation Delays and Enhancing Brand Identity with SCM

CAPS News-07 February 2024

Read about: ESG, Supplier Visibility, Maturity Progression, Red Seas

CAPS News-24 January 2024

Read about: Research about ESG Practices in Procurement, Inflation Pression tops Operational Risks, ASU and OpenAI

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