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CAPS News - 28 June 2023

The Changing Landscape of Supply Chain: Supplier Risk, Transportation, Center of Excellence, Net Cost Reporting, and AI Replacing Supply Chain Jobs

Net Cost Calculations

In the current inflationary environment, 56% of companies are including index data or estimated factors for inflation estimates in net cost calculations, with 39% including costs related to dual sourcing and 22% including carrying costs for increased buffer supply.

CAPS News - 14 June 2023

CAPS MoSM, Supply Chain Cyber Threats, Budget Alignment with Stakeholders, Port Talks, China's Economic Struggle, Diversifying Mineral Supply Chain

Net Cost Methodology

64% of supply chain organizations surveyed use a net cost methodology to offset cost-up impacts with cost-down strategies. Of those, 50% recognize cost avoidance as part of the net cost methodology. 

CAPS News - 31 May 2023

Future Study 2026, types of spend video, how companies use net cost methodology, imports increasing, and Scope 3 emissions pushback.

Level of Risk Severity

Across industries, 65 global companies increased the severity of future supplier risks for sustainability and climate change over the next three years, indicating a higher focus on environmental issues and their impact on supply chain disruptions.

CAPS News - 17 May 2023

Cybersecurity webinar & cyber risks with new suppliers, securing your organization. Diverse IT spend, 2023 economic forecast, & supply chain trends.

Tracking and Managing Cost Changes

91% of companies use a cost baseline while 73% use variance reporting and monitor supplier and plant information for tracking and managing cost changes.

CAPS News - 03 May 2023

Insights from the CAPS Senior Management Roundtable, participate in our annual survey, a roadmap to Net-Zero, Chile's lithium supply, climate-disclosure rules.

External Forces of Change

Changing customer requirements, government regulations, and tech advancements are top predicted forces driving change for 2026.