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CAPS News - 03 May 2023

New insights from the recent Senior Management Roundtable

Catch up on presentations from your peers and industry experts on data analytics, cybersecurity, nearshoring, and risk and resiliency. [Download the report in the CAPS Library]

How does your supply management department stack-up?
Participate in the CAPS’ flagship survey the Metrics of Supply Management opening May 4 to compare your spend, opex, savings, FTE mix, and more with other global companies.  [Learn more and register with CAPS]

Roadmap to Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions

New research on beginning the journey to net-zero emissions is available now. Researchers review the current state of practice, a roadmap for beginning adoption, and potential purchasing and supplier KPIs to track progress.  

[Download the report in the CAPS Library]

Supply management alignment with internal stakeholders improving

Business partner engagement is on the rise, with 33% of organizations indicating they are operating at a strategic level, up from 24% in 2019. 

[Download the report in the CAPS Library]

Chile moves to nationalize its lithium industry

Chile recently announced plans to create a state-owned company to control its lithium supply. The country sits on the largest reserves in the world and accounts for 30% of global output. 

[Read more with Reuters]

Forthcoming climate-disclosure rules expected this summer

A glimpse into how some companies are preparing for the upcoming climate-disclosure rules that’ll require the tracking, managing, and reporting on Scope 3 emissions. 

[Read more with WSJ]

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