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CAPS News - 17 May 2023

Cybersecurity in the Supply Chain: CAPS Member Webinar Series

Securing your organization’s supply chain is increasingly important. Join us May 22 for an overview of potential supplier risks and how to roll out a global supplier cybersecurity strategy. [Register here: Cybersecurity Webinar]

Slight Revenue Increases Expected in Most Industries

The U.S. economy is predicted to continue a soft expansion for the remainder of 2023 with 14 of the 18 surveyed industries expected to see revenue increases. [Read more with ISM]

Diverse Spend with I.T. Suppliers - Quick Poll Report

Goals and metrics for spend with diverse and small I.T. suppliers of hardware, software, and/or third-party services are summarized in this new report. [Download the report in the CAPS Library]

Cyber Risks with New Suppliers – Quick Poll Report

The actions taken to protect a company from cyber risks prior to onboarding a new supplier are summarized in this CAPS Research Quick Poll report. [Download the report in the CAPS Library]

Five Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Trends to Watch

Customer experience and comprehensive risk management are two of the trends explained in this video. [Read more with Supply Chain Brain]

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