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CAPS News - 04 October 2023

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Inventory Performance Metrics

In a new CAPS Survey about Inventory and Warehouse Management, respondents report the top 3 performance metrics are Inventory Accuracy rate tracked by 71% of companies, Inventory Turnover rate tracked by 67% and On-time and In-full Inbound Receipts tracked by 54%.

CAPS News - 20 September 2023

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Standard Payment Terms

Across the manufacturing and service sectors the largest percentage of companies, 38%, use 45-day payment terms. Meanwhile 36% use 30-day terms, 1% use 75-day terms and 11% use 90-day terms.

CAPS News - 06 September 2023

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Most Important SM COE Skills

Top skills and capabilities needed in 2023 for Supply Management Centers of Excellence (SM COE) employees include problem solving, supply management experience, and cooperation.

CAPS News - 23 August 2023

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SM COEs By Sector

Over the past 4 years, the percentage of Supply Management Centers of Excellence (SM COE) in Discrete Manufacturing has decreased, while increasing in Process Manufacturing and Service Sectors.

CAPS News - 9 August 2023

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Net Cost Reporting

On average, 71% of companies surveyed provide monthly updates for net cost reporting, while 35% update quarterly and 12% update annually.