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CAPS News - May 2020

The CAPS team is doing what we can to support you through the pandemic. We just posted our second COVID-related report, in which companies reported increased demand for PPE as the single greatest challenge they face, and are presenting a webinar this week (if you're not signed up, stay tuned for the video). We've made all the pandemic-related reports available to everyone during these difficult times. Visit our Coronavirus resources page to find out how procurement and supply professionals are sourcing and conserving PPE, and other current challenges, actions, and best practices.

Monthly metric:
Emerging Technology in Supply Management
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Companies that use robotic process automation (RPA) naturally expect to see an increase in efficiencies. New data shows that these changes don’t always equate to reduced headcount.  

Due to efficiencies gained in the use of RPA within supply management:

  • 61% of companies reallocated headcount*
  • 39% made no changes to headcount
  • 22% reduced headcount 
    * multiple choices could be selected

Source: Emerging Technology in Supply Management, CAPS Research, 2020.

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Compelling reports in the CAPS Library:
Managing Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
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Our latest report, with insights about the challenges and actions supply management professionals and their companies are taking during the pandemic, is available to the public.

The report includes:

  • where and how companies are sourcing PPE
  • actions companies are taking to support their communities during the pandemic
  • financial and personnel actions companies are taking
  • the challenges faced by supply management, and how they’re responding

Be sure to visit our Coronavirus page to view the report and other resources available to you.

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