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As a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic, we are experiencing market disruptions, supply chains in flux, and new methods of conducting business. CAPS is gathering insights and best practices from supply management leaders and sharing with you to inform and inspire you during the process.

CAPS COVID-19 series webinars - part I

CPOs' Response to the Crisis

In this webinar (recorded March 26, 2020), we explore the findings of “Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic.” Fortune 600/Global 1000 CPOs and senior supply management executives told us how the Coronavirus has impacted their organizations, what their greatest challenges are, and specific actions they’re taking to mitigate the crisis. 

CAPS COVID-19 series webinars - part II

Managing Through the Pandemic

In Part II of the CAPS COVID-19 webinar series (recorded May 21, 2020), we explore metrics and offers insights on what it takes to source PPE, pivoting of supply management activity, actions companies are taking regarding personnel and financial protection, goodwill in the community, and post-pandemic planning activity.

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Helpful reports for trying times

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