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Tactical v. strategic SM functions

Tactical sourcing activities are critical to keep organizations running smoothly, but supply management groups are now focusing more on strategy.

Turn Reverse Logistics into a Profit-Center

Reverse logistics is actually a diamond in the rough, and if approached from a strategic and holistic perspective, it can become a long-term profit center and beacon for sustainability. A new CAPS whitepaper can help facilitate the journey up the maturity curve.

CAPS News - 21 Oct 2020

In this issue of CAPS News, new metrics about analytics teams, a cybersecurity report available now, and survey opportunity with CAPS Research

Most Commonly Assessed Risk Categories

We asked companies which risk categories they assess most often with “general performance and business risk” garnering the highest number of mentions at 44%.

CAPS News - 7 Oct 2020

New metrics from our "Supplier Due Diligence Assessments" survey, the findings of a sustainability study on plastics pollution, and as always, opportunities to participate in surveys and get metric reports in return.

SM Employees as a % of All Employees

Across industries, supply management personnel relative to all company employees is 1.6% this year.