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CAPS News-20 March 2024

Implementing Generative AI in Procurement

Explore current applications of Generative AI in procurement. Participating organizations identified “clean spend data” as the primary activity where Generative AI is employed. Find additional insights and benchmark your practices against other organizations in this new survey.

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Metrics of Supply Management Survey Opens Soon

CAPS flagship survey of performance metrics opens the first week of April. Ensure that your company’s designated survey contact completes the survey so you can compare your performance against your peers in our online metrics dashboard.

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AI's Impact on Software Decisions

When choosing software and platform services for sourcing and procurement 54% of organizations examine the AI capabilities of the software, but only 14% consider the AI capabilities as one of the most important factors.

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Revolutionizing the Supply Chain with AI 

Review four key takeaways from a discussion with industry leaders around the impact and benefits AI technology will have on strategy and procurement.

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Global Trade Shifts Ahead of 2024 Election

Some logistics companies have already begun shifting global trade, with an eye toward Mexico, as the trade war and tariff discussions start-up again ahead of the 2024 elections.

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Domestic Rare Earth Mineral Supply Chain

Since 2020, the Department of Defense has awarded more than $439 million to establish domestic rare earth element supply chains to ensure continued access to the materials needed to manufacture the permanent magnets used in military weapons systems. 

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