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CAPS News-24 January 2024

ESG Practices in Procurement

More than half of respondents (52%) do not currently have, or plan to have in the next 12 months, a net-zero goal suppliers are required to meet. Review additional ESG practices in this new report available now.

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Inflation Pressure Tops Operational Risks

Inflation was identified as the top risk by 72% of companies in this recent CAPS Research survey on geopolitical and operational risks. Poor visibility into the supplier network was named by 61% of companies.

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Roboforming: The Future of Metalworking?

A new and versatile metal-forming process that does not require forging dies, stamping tools, or molds is demonstrated in this video. 

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Peaceful Seas Can No Longer Be Assumed

The conflict in the Red Seas has catapulted shipping rates and increased lead times, resulting from shippers using alternate routes to bypass the risk in the region.

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ASU Collaboration With OpenAI Announced

Arizona State University has partnered with OpenAI, the AI research and deployment company behind ChatGPT, becoming the first higher education institution to do so. The university aims to develop AI-driven projects aimed at revolutionizing educational techniques, aiding scholarly research, and boosting administrative efficiency. 

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