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CAPS News - 10 January 2024

Unlocking Green Supply Chains: Navigating the Era of Mandatory Emission Reporting

Are you prepared to measure the greenhouse gas emissions across your Supply Chain?

In an era where environmental responsibility is no longer an option but a mandate, join us for a compelling webinar that sheds light on the pivotal shift in supply chain management. Many companies have yet to measure the greenhouse gas emissions intricately embedded in their supply chains.

With new legislation like the California carbon emissions mandate on the horizon, this practice will soon transition from voluntary to mandatory.

Join Adrian Gonzalez, a trusted advisor and leading industry analyst with more than 24 years of research experience in transportation management, logistics outsourcing, and other supply chain and logistics topics.  Learn about:

  • How the focus extends beyond logistics to encompass the often-overlooked Scope 3 emissions, providing a comprehensive understanding of the entire carbon footprint.
  • Key questions and insights stemming from a recent survey, unraveling the current landscape and future expectations.
  • The imminent challenges faced by companies in calculating and reporting greenhouse gas emissions across their supply chains

Unique to Mr. Gonzalez' presentation is the use of real-time data gathered directly from you. Feel free to participate in a brief 8-question survey, taking approximately 3 minutes. The survey results will be shared during the webinar, and a recording of the session will be emailed to all registered participants.

Save the date: Wednesday, January 24th, 12 PM EST.

Click to learn more and register.


Identifying Geopolitical and Operational Risks

Participants identify the top geopolitical and operational risks organizations, and their supply chains, are facing today. Strategies to manage and mitigate these risks are also included in this new report available in the CAPS library now. 

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Third-Party Risk Management

Understanding companies’ frameworks and maturity of their third-party risk management programs is the focus of this new quick poll report, available in the CAPS library now. 

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Supplier Risk Maturity Model

Measure the maturity of your organization's supplier risk management efforts and actions needed to move to the next level with the CAPS Supplier Risk Maturity Model.                                 

[Access with the CAPS Library]


Managing Supplier Risk Programs 

On average organizations dedicate 5.5% of their supply management FTEs to supplier risk management. More than 90 supply management metrics are available in the annual Metrics of Supply Management survey.

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US Manufacturing Contraction Slows

The US manufacturing activity contracted in December, although at a slightly slower rate. Inflation pressure continues to ease with raw material prices decreasing for the eight consecutive month. 

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