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CAPS News-21 February 2024

CPOs Top Priorities 

A new CAPS survey found that almost half of responding CPOs consider advancing supplier risk management their top priority for the next 12 months. The complete list of priorities and a comparison to the previous year's priorities are in the library now. 

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Freight and Transportation KPIs

In this inaugural survey for freight and transportation management KPIs, 63% of companies reported increased costs for Less than Truckload (LTL). Considering the over-capacity and lower rates, companies experiencing cost increases should consider rebidding select lanes.

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Prepared for Transportation Delays?

When asked about risk and operational preparedness 58% of organizations indicated they are not prepared for delays in shipping and transportation.

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United States Port Tracker

Tracking the volume of US ports is a useful way to gauge economic activity and understand demand trends. This tracker provides monthly data for the top 12 US ports, which can be sorted by port, coast, or month.

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Enhance Brand Identity with SCM

Companies that can successfully integrate their supply chain into their marketing program can achieve increased sales and profits. The supply chain's role has never been more important, and its recognition is changing the perception of SCM.

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