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CAPS News-07 February 2024

ESG Practices in Procurement

This new report features information from various industries on the current environmental, social and governance sustainability practices within supply management. Over half of companies (52%) reported they don’t currently have, or plan to have in the next 12 months, a net-zero goal for suppliers. 

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Supplier Selection and Environmental Sustainability

How organizations are integrating ESG criteria into the supplier selection process is the focus of this survey. Explore the drivers, enablers and barriers being encountered with this new practice. 

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Supplier Visibility a Top Risk

Nearly two-thirds of respondents (61%) rank poor visibility or zero visibility into suppliers at the 2nd tier and beyond as a major risk for their companies.

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Supply Management Maturity Progression

Measure the effectiveness of your supply management group and identify opportunities for improvement with the CAPS Maturity Model. Five proficiency levels track the growth of the function and enable organizations to evolve their capabilities.

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Optimistic Outlook on the Red Sea Crisis

The disruptions in the Panama and Suez Canals have caused longer lead times and higher fuel costs, but it is not a capacity crisis. The current high freight rates may be a temporary over-reaction until the market responds.

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