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CAPS News - 06 September 2023

Establishing a Supply Management Center of Excellence

This new study explores the different types of Centers of Excellence currently in use and provides guidelines for establishing a COE. Key findings include how to staff and govern COEs, sustain and fund COEs, and fully leverage a COE by the entire organization.

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Supply Management ROI

According to the 2023 Metrics of Supply Management Report, the average supply management ROI is 705%. Tell your stakeholders that for every $1 in operating expense “invested” in the department, the function returns $7.05 in savings (reduction + avoidance). 

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U.S., China Agree on Steps to Ease Trade Tensions

The U.S. and China agreed to set up new channels of communication for economic and commercial issues.

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Trucking Challenges and Panama Canal Disruptions

Get an overview of the current trucking conditions, which reflect the Great Recession and the next supply chain disruption that is brewing. 

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You’ve Heard of Quiet Quitting. Now Companies Are Quiet Cutting.

Companies are “reassigning” employees as part of corporate restructuring.

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