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CAPS News - 18 October 2023

Third Party Risk Transparency and Visibility 

The importance of identifying and mitigating risks in the lower tiers of the supply chain is becoming increasingly important after the last three years. In this new report, researchers focus on understanding how to identify, monitor and mitigate third-party supply chain risk by mapping suppliers, monitoring communication, and developing adaptive strategies for risk mitigation.

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Sourcing and Procurement Technology Solutions

90% of organizations juggle two or more software-as-a-service solution providers for their procurement teams, with 37% of organizations using five or more providers.

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Is a 2024 U.S. Recession Ahead?

The Federal Reserve staff is no longer forecasting a recession in 2024, while 84% of CEOs still believe one is coming. View the key players of the economy and who thinks a recession is on the way. 

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Optimize Your Supply Chain to Mitigate Risks

Supply chain resiliency should be the cornerstone to risk preparation programs. Eight strategies for optimizing your supply chain are included in this U.S. manufacturing example. 

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AI’s Popularity is Creating Competition for Data Centers           

AI’s growing demand from businesses and consumers is spurring a competitive market for data centers that house the technology needed to run AI programs. Prices for these warehouse-like buildings are anticipated to continue increasing with the high demand.

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