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CAPS News - 29 November 2023

ESG Investing Influenced by Civil Regulations

Climate-focused non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have significantly influenced businesses through their strategic approach to ESG investing. This second article on ESG initiatives summarizes the influential role NGOs have gained in business, referred to as "civil regulations," based on current literature. 

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Category Management Spend

According to the recent Metrics of Supply Management survey each Category Management FTE manages an average of $293 million in spend. 

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Overseas Sourcing and Business Case Considerations

Senior supply chain advisor, Paul Ericksen, discusses the deciding factors for overseas versus domestic sourcing decisions including the customer, supplier agility and changing market dynamics.

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Case study: Using AI for Asset Tracking

Learn how one company used GPS sensors to monitor asset usage, cost, and loss patterns and then used artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict asset presence, detect loss, theft, and more.

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Resilient US Supply Chain Call to Action

At Purdue University’s first summit on supply chain resilience, attendees discussed reshoring (aka onshoring) as one strategy to overcome supply chain challenges in defense, semiconductor chips, and food and agriculture.

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