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CAPS News - 26 July 2023

Carbon Offset Options to Achieve Net Zero

This first article in a four-part series provides an overview of carbon offsets, carbon sequestration, and renewable energy credits. These options are available for companies aiming to achieve net-zero emissions and need alternatives for those emissions that can't be eliminated.

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Primary Activity of Supply Management Center of Excellence (SM COE)

Technology, systems, and tools was reported as the top activity for the majority (73%) of SM COE, followed closely by supply risk management at 66%.

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Companies Should Prepare Now for a Shipping Market Rebound

The current abundance of carrier options and competitive pricing isn’t expected to last long. Start preparing now for the rebalancing of capacity and demand.

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Shifting from Risk Mitigation to Competitive Advantage

The supply chain function is the key for organizations to gain a competitive advantage when trying to balance business growth, supply chain resiliency, evolving customer needs, and ESG risks and performance.

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Toyota Announces Solid State Battery Advancements

A significant advancement in electric vehicle battery manufacturing by Toyota will help to shorten charging periods to 10-minutes and extend driving ranges to over 900 miles by 2027.  

[Read more with PCMAG]

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