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CAPS News - 22 February 2023

Apply new variables to existing supply management decisions 

In this CAPS webinar, researchers discuss common supply management cost models, a more comprehensive cost model approach, and other key takeaways from the recently completed research report. [Watch the webinar in the CAPS Library]

Priorities of Supply Management Leaders

Advancing data analytics to a more mature level will become the top priority for CPOs over the next 3 years, according to 49% of supply chain leaders. 

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Register now for the Senior Management Roundtable in April

Join your peers in Tempe, Arizona to hear from invited experts, notable academics, and other supply management professionals as they share their experience and best practices on trending topics. 

[Learn more and register with CAPS]

Wholesale prices rebound in January

The latest producer price index reading jumped 0.7%, which was more than anticipated due in part to rising energy prices. 

[Read more with BLS]

Three recession indicators agree on what’s likely coming

Three long trusted forecasting tools have come to the same conclusion, the U.S. economy is likely headed for a recession. 

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