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CAPS News - 13 December 2023

The CAPS Research team and I would like to extend warm holiday greetings to all our valued CAPS members, contributors, research partners, and supply chain colleagues. It’s hard to believe that 2023 is drawing to a close – it has been a blur! – and we have delivered a great deal of new content and product this year.  

Our work is truly a team effort, including all who respond to surveys and interview requests.  We are blessed to have strong collaboration with many experts, and we enjoy bringing you the best possible insights for improving the performance of your Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain operations.  

We wish you and your family a healthy, prosperous, and happy 2024! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and best wishes for the New Year!

Denis W-


New Member Feature Available Now

The CAPS team is pleased to provide you with a new capability for performing a quick scan of the landscape for procurement and sourcing technology applications.

This members-only dashboard puts an easy search capability at your fingertips, enabling you and your teams to quickly identify the players in several technology market segments.

 [Access this new dashboard in the CAPS Library today]


New Research on Supply Management Teams

In this new study researchers investigate how supply management teams may alter their structure, skill requirements and responsibilities in response to dynamic organization objectives. The research particularly studies how the role of digitalization and automation in supply management is driving these changes. 

[Access with the CAPS Library]


Managing Sourceable Spend

According to the 2023 Metrics of Supply Management Survey organizations average 76 supply management FTEs per $1 billion in sourceable spend. On average each supply management FTE manages $33 million in sourceable spend. How does your organization stack up?

[Read more with CAPS Library]


U.S. Services Sector Shows Modest Growth

The Services PMI increased in November, signaling growth for the 11th consecutive month, with a reported 15 of the 18 service sectors growing.  

[Read more with

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