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CAPS News - 9 August 2023

The ESG Debate -  Who's Responsibility is ESG Anyway?

Understanding the ESG debate and corporate's responsibility is the focus of this new series. The series begins with "ESG's Rise to Prominence," which aims to examine the significance and future of ESG initiatives and their impact on business. 

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Procurement's Presence in Best Cost Countries

Various factors drive global enterprises to establish sourcing/procurement offices in different geographic regions. This quick poll survey seeks to understand the reasons for and against establishing sourcing/procurement offices in BCCs.

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Taming the Counterfeit Epidemic

Counterfeit products are a major problem for every industry, posing a risk to supply chains and consumers as well as substantial revenue loss. This new article reexamines the CAPS study on Counterfeiting in the Supply Chain and suggests solutions for identifying and combating this ongoing risk.  

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Reclaiming Control Over Inventory Management and Strategic Sourcing

After three tumultuous years of supply chain disruptions organizations can finally begin focusing on three important priorities; regaining some of their lost margins, restoring inventory stockpiles to rational levels, and modifying their supply chain to be better prepared for future disruptions. 

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Risk Management – The Evolving Landscape

The everchanging technological advancements offer new opportunities and risks that require risk management practices to be continually evaluated and updated to ensure potential rewards aren’t being overshadowed by new threats. 

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