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CAPS News - 23 August 2023

Supply Management KPIs for 2023 Available Now

CAPS’ flagship survey, The Metrics of Supply Management, is available in the library now. With more than 90 KPIs this report looks at five industries and three sector breakouts providing an opportunity to see how supply management groups stack up against comparable organizations.

[Download the report in the CAPS Library]

CAPS Premiers The Metrics of Inventory Management Report

More than 30 KPIs to measure the effectiveness and efficiency for inventory and warehouse functions are available in this debut report.

[Download the report in the CAPS Library]

Procurement's Presence in Best Cost Countries

More than a third of responding companies (43%) currently have Sourcing and Procurement offices/presence in Best Cost Countries (BCCs) with the majority of them indicating cost savings as the primary reason for having a procurement presence in BCCs.

[ Download the report in the CAPS Library]

Consider These 3 Things Before Investing in AI 

The implementation of AI has the potential to reduce costs, drive efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction. Data scientists pose three questions to review to determine if your organization is ready for AI tools and systems.

[Read more with Freightwaves]

Diversifying Manufacturing with Cross-Border Operations

Mexico is increasingly becoming an attractive option for companies looking to nearshore their manufacturing operations. Total Mexican exports have increased nearly 6% in the past year.

[Read more with Sdcexec]

America’s Reliance on Critical Minerals Imports

Out of the 50 minerals the U.S. government deems critical, the U.S. relies 100% on imports for 12 of them and over 50% reliant for an additional 31 of the critical minerals.

[Read more with Visualcapitalist]

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