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CAPS News - 12 Jan 2022

Start the year with the right supply management resources

CAPS’s mission is to advance the profession and shape the future of supply management. In that spirit and to help you prepare for another year, we have unlocked 16 key reports in four trending topics, available to non-members through January 26. [Read more in the CAPS blog]

Invest in the supply management function – get a 6X ROI

The supply management department returned an average of 635% in savings back to the organization, according to the 2021 CAPS Metrics of Supply Management report. [Read more on the ISM blog]

Five supply chain myths busted to start the New Year

CAPS board member and researcher Rob Handfield discusses 5 myths about the supply chain. No, self-driving trucks wouldn’t fix all our problems. 

[Read more in The Washington Post]

18+ months of consecutive growth despite supply chain constraints

Amidst continued challenges brought on by the pandemic, economic activity in manufacturing, services, and the hospital industry continues to grow.

[Read more on ISM ROB]

Economic expansion is set to continue in 2022

Revenue is set to expand but so are prices, which are expected to increase for services (9.2%) and manufacturing (8.1%) sectors. 

[Read more on ISM ROB]

Tariffs to tackle climate change gain momentum

Governments in the U.S., Europe, and other developed nations are experimenting with tariffs on trade to cut carbon emissions, but this comes with big risks.

[Read more in WSJ]

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