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CAPS News - 8 September 2021

Get a research sneak peek with emerging tech use cases in SCM

Explore this summary of findings from a brand-new CAPS research report. This high-level overview includes use case examples, barriers, and success factors in implementing RPA, AI, blockchain, IoT, and more. [Read more in the CAPS Library]

What’s in your pocket? A visual of the critical metals in your phone

Did you know that most smartphones can carry roughly 80% of the stable elements on the periodic table? The sourcing of 14 of the critical metals in your phone is at risk.

[See it on Visual Capitalist]

ASU professor & CAPS researcher receives prestigious SCM award

CAPS contributing researcher Dale Rogers was recently recognized for his achievements in logistics and SCM knowledge development.

[Read more on ASU News]

The White House has more than doubled its U.S. inflation forecast

Projections are consistent with other independent forecasts, including the Federal Reserve, and reflect the view that price pressures are likely to fade.

[Read more on WSJ]

Manufacturing sector sees growth in new orders and production

Despite growth, companies still struggle to meet increasing demand due to record-long raw-material leads, materials shortages, rising commodity prices, and transportation challenges. 

[Read the ISM Report on Business]

Surging COVID-19 cases hammer Asian factories, driving up prices

The struggles could signal more problems ahead for Asian-made products that remain in high demand, such as semiconductors.

[Read more on WSJ]

Hurricane Ida cuts US Gulf Coast oil production, refining operations

The return of offshore production could face delays as Port Fourchon (La.) – a hub for supplies and key passage from the Gulf – took a near-direct hit from Ida. 

[Read more on S&P Global]

Eurozone inflation hits decade high, worsened by bottlenecks

Semiconductors and other important manufacturing components are pushing up the prices paid by consumers.

[Read more on WSJ]

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