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CAPS News - 22 Sept 2021

New research looks at how orgs are using analytics to model the future

Dashboards and business intel tools have long been the engines of procurement analytics capabilities. Today, procurement managers are exploring advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics models for decision support. Applying Advanced Analytics: Beyond the Ordinary dives into successful use cases of advanced analytics models and their integration into decision-making processes. [Learn more in the CAPS blog]

What do you think the future holds for supply management?

If you’re an experienced/senior supply management practitioner or knowledge expert (e.g. professor, consultant) who studies and understands the profession, we'd like to invite you to take the CAPS Future of Supply Management survey. All participants will receive a copy of the final report. [Sign up to participate]

Prepare for supply chain & market disruptions with these risk metrics

Recent events, complex supply chains, and global competition are only some of the reasons you may want to focus on accurate risk measurement. Download a 1-page list of illustrative risk metrics and data sources that can help you expand or reevaluate your org’s risk metrics. [Get it in the CAPS blog]

Inflation eased in August, though prices stayed high

A surge in COVID-19 infections slowed economic growth while pandemic-related shortages of labor and supplies continued to drive up prices. 

[Read more in WSJ]

Hiring is shifting from hospitality to business services, manufacturing

The hiring blitz at bars, restaurants, and hotels came to an abrupt halt in August amid health concerns and worker scarcity, but a few industries like business services and manufacturing are actively hiring.  

[Read more on CNBC]

ASU is the #1 most eco-friendly university in the U.S.

Arizona State University has been a leader in sustainability since 2006 when it launched the first School of Sustainability in the U.S. Now, Sierra Club recognizes the university as the “coolest” school.

[Read more on ASU News]

Your support helps the Red Cross help others

The Red Cross responds to more than 60,000 disasters each year. Donate dollars, blood, or your time and help victims of Ida, Nicholas, several wildfires, and evacuees from Afghanistan. 

[Donate to the Red Cross]

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