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CAPS News - 20 Oct 2021

Buying renewable energy, identifying goals, and setting metrics

New in the CAPS blog, we help you navigate the complex world of renewable energy credits (RECs) and power purchase agreements (PPAs). [Read it in the CAPS blog]

Go beyond spreadsheets and put your analytics to work for you

Procurement and SCM professionals are delving into predictive and prescriptive analytics for decision support. We summed up findings from our recent research on how to apply advanced analytics.

[Download the 1-pager]

The analytics and cloud platforms SCM professionals depend on most

Based on interviews with supply management practitioners, we compiled the most common procurement analytics software suppliers and related cloud platforms. 

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Supply chain contracts get revamped after pandemic

Companies are looking for more specific terms and indexed pricing to account for delays and soaring costs in the supply chain amid COVID-realted disruptions. 

[Read more on WSJ]

Metrics that tell the value story and support strategic goals

ISM’s The Monthly Metric features CAPS Research metrics and how leveraging supply management data can support organizational goals. 

[Read more with The Monthly Metric]

Tallying GHG emissions could be a new challenge for companies

Public companies may soon have to disclose greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental factors related to the production of goods and services. 

[Read more on WSJ]

Prices continue to rise across the market basket

According to the Consumer Price Index, gasoline is up 42% and electricity is up 5%. Check out the other key inflationary categories from the last year.

[Read more on CNBC]

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