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CAPS News - 17 Nov 2021

What’s your space in the supply management ecosystem?

A new CAPS summary on the supply management ecosystem includes the primary areas of focus, job titles, and the average distribution of roles. See how you compare in the grand scheme. [Get it in the CAPS Library]

Where does your team excel and where are there gaps to be filled?

CPOs rank the most important soft and technical capabilities in a supply management team, and where the biggest gaps exist. [Get it in the CAPS Library]

Where to focus future talent management efforts

Check out this new 1-pager that highlights six focus areas for managing future talent with a comparison of what this looks like in the SCM groups of today and tomorrow. [Get it in the CAPS Library]

Recruiting and retaining young SCM professionals

The top six practices for retention, from the new CAPS report, Managing Talent Through the HR Life Cycle, are allowing for work/life balance, offering equity, transparency with pay, ensuring fair pay, and explaining pay decisions. [Browse talent-related reports in the CAPS Library]

What’s wrong with global supply chains and what’s the fix?

The latest CAPS whitepaper discusses new reasons for continued global supply chain disruptions, with possible solutions and recommendations you can implement now.

[Read more in the CAPS Library]

S&P 500 is beating Q3 earnings estimates at a higher rate & margin

Companies are reporting earnings that are 10.3% above estimates, above the five-year average of 8.4%.

[Read more on FactSet]

Large companies warn that “inflation is here to stay”

Executives say labor shortages, supply chain issues, and inflationary pressures will run for longer than policymakers expect.

[Read more on CNBC]

Supply chain right now is complicated, but it’s not all bad

Arizona State University experts measured three factors of supply chain complexity and resilience and the results were…well…complicated.

[Read more on ASU News]

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