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CAPS News - 5 May 2021

Prioritize focus on the supply risks most relevant to your organization

Tracking and managing all possible risks is not practical for most companies, and leveraging technology still has its limitations. Use this list to focus your risk protection effort where it matters most for your company & industry. [Get the list of supplier risks in the CAPS Library]

Engage suppliers strategically through SRM

In stage 6 of our category management playbook, we take a look at how supplier relationship management (SRM) enables companies to maximize the value of their relationships with suppliers. 

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Applying Advanced Data Analytics and risk management

49% of survey respondents say they use advanced analytics (statistical modeling, optimization modeling, and basic machine learning) in their supply management efforts, including supplier risk management. 

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Pandemic exposes a shortage of medical oxygen around the world

India is the latest country to confront a lack of medical oxygen. Industrialized countries that fare better, due to production for sectors beyond healthcare, have promised to help. 

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Semiconductor lead times lengthening, based on March data

Some semiconductors will not be available at any price, as lead times of up to 52 weeks have been reported. See which manufacturers have been most severely impacted by the shortage.

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A CPO’s approach to stakeholder engagement and accountability

CAPS board member Tom Nash puts collaboration and open communication into practice to make supply management a valuable partner to the business. 

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Economic activity in manufacturing grew in April

Across the board, all 18 PMI manufacturing industries reported growth but also reported paying increased prices for raw materials.

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