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CAPS News - 19 May 2021

New model assesses your supplier risk management efforts

Plot your company’s supplier risk management efforts against the new CAPS Supplier Risk Management Maturity Model, available now in the CAPS Library. [Get the report in the CAPS Library]

COVID-19 fallout tests auto industry’s endurance

Auto manufacturers are driving through a gauntlet of challenges while navigating the fallout from an 18-month-long global pandemic and responding to demand for clean energy. We take an in-depth look at recent challenges and major shifts over the last year and into the future. [Read more in the CAPS blog]

How effective is your category management strategy?

In stage 7 of our category management playbook series, we look at how to measure the performance of your category strategy and what makes for a mature approach. 

[Read more in the CAPS blog]

Collecting data for supplier due diligence assessments

38% of survey respondents use third-party providers to obtain comprehensive supplier due diligence assessment data. However, almost all of these same companies still need to collect additional data about suppliers.

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Inflation pressure builds as U.S. wholesale prices jump

U.S. producer price index rises 6.2% at annual rate in April, and annual wholesale inflation is at its highest since 2009.

[Read more on MarketWatch]

New data shows U.S. tariffs led to a sharp decline in Chinese imports

Tariffs have impacted the types of goods Americans buy from China, specifically in telecommunications gear, furniture, and apparel, shifting instead to other countries.

[Read more on WSJ]

Low birthrates, aging workers squeeze workforce & economy

The U.S. and China report that population growth in the past decade was the slowest in generations, while inflationary pressures test the economy and markets.

[Read more in WSJ]

Cybercriminals continue to wreak havoc across the globe

By 2025, cybercrime is expected to cost the global economy $10.5T per year. Review the most significant cyberattacks by country over the last 5 years.

[Read more in Visual Capitalist]

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