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CAPS News - 14 July 2021

Digital Connectivity and Data Protection in Supply Management

A recent CAPS report looks at supplier assessments, the ins and outs of building cybersecurity measures into contracts, and best practices for supplier data protection. [Read more in the CAPS blog]

Latest ransomware hack identified as “supply-chain attack”

Ransomware that was recently distributed through a SaaS company could impact up to 1,500 companies along the value chain.

[Read more on WSJ]

Phishing tops the list of leading causes of ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks that result from poor user practices and lack of cybersecurity reinforce the need for user education.

[See the causes of attacks on Statista]

The U.S. is not ready to defend or compete in the AI era

According to the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (AI), China could soon become the world’s “AI superpower.” 

[Read more on CNBC]

71% of orgs actively address data security in managing supplier risk

Additionally, 31% of companies said their risk efforts were strategic. With an eye on the future, how do your organization’s supplier risk efforts compare?

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The SEC’s first round of new human capital disclosures is in

Companies are required to describe human capital resources and measures used to manage the business. What are the common themes and industry patterns?

[Read more on FEI]

Jobless Americans sue states for ending unemployment early

Out-of-work Americans in 3 states look to reinstate the additional $300 a week in federal unemployment benefits.

[Read more on Fox Business]

Employment activity in services sector down 6% since May

Employment opportunities are increasing but so are the difficulties in finding qualified candidates to fill openings.

[Read the ISM Report on Business]

U.S. oil prices hit 6-year high then slide due to OPEC deadlock

Last week’s price swings followed new tension over increased production and the threat of a surge in oil prices.

[Read more on WSJ]

Companies cutting office space predict long-term savings

Though companies could save significantly from downsizing, many are shouldering one-time charges to sublet or cancel leases.

[Read more on WSJ]

How worried should we be about the COVID-19 Delta variant?

Experts don’t expect the same economic shutdown as in March 2020, but they’re keeping an eye on Delta.

[Read more on Marketplace]

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