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CAPS News - 27 Jan 2021

How Pres. Biden’s executive orders impact supply chain

Robert B. Handfield, Ph.D. of North Carolina State University provides a perspective on U.S. President Joe Biden's post-inaugural executive orders, and what they mean for supply managers worldwide. [Watch the 5-minute supply chain update]

7 stages to business-aligned spend strategies

From our newest whitepaper, A Playbook for Category Management, we outline the seven stages your category management playbook should include, whether you’re just beginning or refining your strategy. [Discover the 7 stages in the CAPS blog]

Top companies are embracing emerging tech

40% of companies currently use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in supply management. Do you? (Implementing Emerging Technology in Supply Management, CAPS Research, 2021.)

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Fight for containers is causing shipping costs to skyrocket

A global shipping crisis spurred by the pandemic and imbalanced recovery has caused major delays and drastic premiums.

[Read the article on Shipping costs on CNBC]

How Defense Production Act may affect the vaccine supply chain

The Cold War-era act could facilitate vaccine distribution and have a far-reaching impact throughout the supply chain. 

[Read the article on Law 360]

CAPS researcher receives $8 million Department of Labor grant

Raghu Santanam, a CAPS researcher and Arizona State University professor, has been awarded an $8 million H-1B One Workforce Grant. He recently co-authored Online Marketplaces & Procurement

[Learn more about Online Marketplaces]

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