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CAPS News - 13 Jan 2021

Reaching herd immunity-levels of vaccination

ASU professor and CAPS Researcher Eugene Schneller delves into distribution and prioritization of the COVID-19 vaccine for hundreds of millions of people.
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What is your group’s capacity for advanced analytics?

61% of companies say they have 1-3 data analytics FTEs within supply management. How does your group compare? (Source: Applying Advanced Analytics, CAPS, 2020). 

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Happy New Year? It may just be for manufacturers

What market trends are likely to influence supply chain in 2021? Bloomberg dives into predictions for the new year, pulling data from our friends at ISM®.

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Procurement is missing in supply chain sustainability

New research looks at how procurement has been omitted from sustainability efforts and how procurement can get involved.

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Why CPOs are prioritizing supplier diversity in 2021

Pandemic-driven pressure on how and where goods are sourced will nudge CPOs to prioritize diversity and CSR in 2021.

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