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CAPS News - 25 August 2021

Rollout of emerging tech is likely to be modular and solution-oriented

A brand-new CAPS report, Compelling Applications of Emerging Technologies, includes use cases and practical applications to implement emerging tech in supply management. [Learn more in the CAPS blog]

Beware of these cybersecurity archetypes & supplier vulnerabilities

A new one-page summary of cybersecurity archetypes describes 5 common ways hackers get access through the supply base. Are bad friends, friends of friends, or total strangers leaving you vulnerable? [Download it from the CAPS Library]

Utilities eye mini nuclear reactors to address climate concerns

U.S. DOE says it would invest $3.2 billion over 7 years to support development in order to reduce carbon emission linked to climate change.

[Read more on WSJ]

What procurement technology is best suited for your organization?

This list of 200+ providers across 15 categories can point you toward new tech solutions and inform your decisions. 

[Get it from Digital Procurement World]

How companies are using emerging tech in procure-to-pay

According to a recent CAPS report, Implementing Emerging Technology in Supply Management, Internet of Things (IoT) is used by 71% of companies in the P2P process; RPA by 66%; A.I. by 33%; and blockchain by 0%.

Turns out, artificial intelligence isn’t all that intelligent

Some AI experts think that labeling this technology “artificial intelligence” fuels confusion and hype, and maybe we need to level-set on AI’s limitations. 

[Read more on WSJ]

4 impactful & promising uses of quantum computing

Quantum computing may be the key to supporting the development of new tech. What is it? What can it do?

[Read more on BBN Times]

What you need to know now about the Internet of Things

Tech experts give you the low-down on what it is and why it matters. 

[Read more with ASU]

For end-to-end supply chain visibility, lay the foundation today

Still a work in progress, so-called supply chain control towers promise seamless, real-time visibility to improve decision making and performance.

[Read more with Bain & Company]

Climate AI startups offer shelter from inclement weather risk

So far in 2021, 8 extreme events in the U.S. add up to over $1 billion in losses. Climate-analytics companies could help businesses gauge both short- and long-term threats.

[Read more on WSJ]

Measure the buying power of a dollar over time

A quick and easy inflation calculator can tell you what your U.S. dollars would have bought you any year between 1913 and now. 

[Check out the U.S. Inflation Calculator]

U.S. consumer demand falls as instances of Delta variant rise

Retail sales fell 1.1% in July as U.S. Covid-19 cases continue to rise. Categories hardest hit include in automobiles, clothing, sporting goods, and furniture.

[Read more on WSJ]

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