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CAPS News - 7 April 2021

Best practices for sharing & protecting supply management data

As supply management becomes more complex and strategic, supplier data protection is a critical priority. Supply professionals should apply best practices and governance strategies to manage shared data. Check out best practices and tips from our latest research report. [Read more in the CAPS blog]

Strategy development is the foundation of your category mgmt playbook

Done right, your category management strategy can align internal business requirements with the marketplace and suppliers' capabilities, segmenting spend into discrete groups. [Read more in the CAPS blog]

Data protection and managing supplier risk

71% of CAPS respondents actively address data protection/security in their supplier risk management efforts. 

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As the world normalizes, supply chain woes continue to grow

Everything from cars and clothing to building materials and medical supplies have been impacted. Port backlogs, rising freight costs, and Texas weather have further compounded existing pandemic disruptions.

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Concerns grow over the resilience of the petrochemical supply chain

Prices have reached their highest level in years in the U.S. as supplies tighten for materials used in auto parts, computers, and many plastic products, according to NC State professor and CAPS researcher Rob Handfield. 

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Which industries would benefit from Biden's infrastructure plan?

Auto, semiconductor, fiber-optic, renewable-energy, pharma, home builders, EPCs, and others should see a lift from the infusion of federal funds in the new $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan.

[Read more on WSJ]

Infrastructure to be funded by $2 trillion in new corporate taxes

An increase in the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% over the next 15 years could reduce corporate ROI, resulting in fewer investments in the U.S. 

[Read more on WSJ]

Manufacturing sector continues its recovery in March

But companies still struggle to meet demand due to availability of parts and materials, extended lead times, rising commodities prices, and transportation challenges 

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