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CAPS News - 21 April 2021

How advanced is your group’s journey with metrics and value reporting?

The new CAPS Metrics & Value Reporting Maturity Model will give you a picture of where you are in your journey and how to advance your analytics and develop your value story. [Learn more in the CAPS blog]

Be sure your company participates in the Metrics of SM survey

Make sure your company is on the list to receive the survey. Participate and, when available, you’ll receive the industry-leading results for free as thanks.  

[To make sure your company is on the list, contact benchmarking]

Negotiation & contracting to support business outcomes

Negotiating and contracting, stage 5 in our series of related posts, is an important step in category strategy execution as you align supplier relationships with your strategy.

[Read the series in the CAPS blog]

The 3 most important strategic capabilities needed in SM

Survey respondents say the three most important capabilities for the strategic advancement of supply management are strategic thinking (77%), stakeholder / internal customer engagement (64%), and leadership (48%). Source: Procurement Team Skills and Roles, CAPS, 2018.

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Inflation accelerated in March due to the strengthening economy

The consumer-price index, which measures what people pay for everyday items like clothing, rose more sharply in March than in February.

[Read more on WSJ]

U.S. producer inflation heats up in March as prices increase broadly

The producer-price index, which measures U.S. companies’ input costs, surged on everything from oil to transportation.  

[Read more on CNBC]

Climate change disclosures will spark huge investments

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said Pres. Joe Biden plans to issue an executive order on the issue soon.

[Read more on Reuters]

Who's footing the $2.3 trillion, 15-year infrastructure bill?

ASU business professors explore tax increases to pay for Biden’s new plan to overhaul America's infrastructure. 

[Read more on ASU News]

Machines that shop by themselves promise to save time and money

As everything from trucks to toasters goes online, the next step for connected devices is the ability to buy and sell goods and services for their human users.

[Read more on WSJ]

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