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CAPS News - 4 November 2020


CAPS welcomes an exceptional handful of board members

At the Fall CAPS Executive Advisory Board meeting, we welcomed XX new board members to help align CAPS initiatives, operations, and vision to the practitioner agenda over the next two or more years. [Meet our new board members]

Simplified new membership delivers inspiration & great value

Beginning in 2021, CAPS is introducing a new membership package with a focus on creating valuable connections with other supply management leaderships, premium experiences, the metrics you depend on, and research that truly pushes the envelope on the future of supply management. [Check out the new enterprise-level membership] 

Economic issues are at the top of our minds

A little data, insight, and informed prediction to ease your mind about what 2021 has in store for us. [Read the blog post]

The next big thing in our supply chains or pure hype?

Everyone is saying that blockchain has the power to transform the practice of supply management but is anyone using it? [Read the article now]

  • Supplier ecosystems can help supply managers overcome conventional supply chain challenges. [Read the article in SCMR now]
  • “Moving Up the Maturity Curve: A Talent-based Challenge,” at ISM’s Utility Purchasing Management Group (UPMG) Annual Conference will be presented by CAPS. [Register now]

Creating Space for Supplier Diversity, a CAPS executive event

Join a conversation on how executive buy-in for supplier diversity programs ensures inclusion, supports your community and increases resilience in your supply chain. [Register for UPMG]

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