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CAPS News - 4 Nov 2020


Supplier diversity is its own program at majority of companies

  • At 60% of companies, Supplier Diversity is a stand-alone program.
  • The companies we surveyed where diversity is not stand-alone said it is integrated into these programs:
    • 13% Supplier Relationship Management
    • 4% Supplier Development
    • 4% Supplier Life Cycle Management
    • 4% Supplier Risk Management
  • Source: Measuring Supplier Diversity Program Performance, CAPS Research, 2020.

Notable and newsworthy from around the world

  • How COVID-19 changed manufacturing and supply chains around the world: From Pillsbury dough to semiconductors, things suddenly had to be made differently—and fast. Corporate leaders explain how, and what they’ve learned. >>Read the article in Fast Company
  • Supply-Chain Delays Hit Retailer Restocking Efforts: Footwear merchants Steve Madden and Crocs say bottlenecks and higher costs are drags on getting goods from Asia to stores. >>Read the article in WSJ 
  • Booz Allen's "2021 Cyber Threat Trends Outlook” report: Threat actors to target supply chains, AI, shipping, telehealth, and 5G. >>Read about it in MSSP Alert
  • Carbon capture 'moonshot' moves closer, as billions of dollars pour in: While some say CO2 capture is part of the problem, big projects are being invested in as a part solution to the climate crisis. >>Read the article in The Guardian

More compelling articles from Arizona State University:

  • Developing a growth mindset: The former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe and executive-in-residence at ASU shares four ways to adapt and thrive in uncertain times. >>Read about it in ASU Now
  • Ocean plastic doesn't lead to marine life population decline, a new ASU study shows: Decades of research reveals no evidence that plastic pollution causes overall losses in megafauna species. >>Read it in ASU Now

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Advancing talent in the utility industry

  • Join Bryan Fuller and Geoff Zwemke from CAPS for “Moving Up the Maturity Curve: A Talent-based Challenge,” a conversation about the current state of today’s workforce, the skills gap in supply management, and what is needed in future talent at ISM’s Utility Purchasing Management Group (UPMG) Annual Conference, November 17-18.
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