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CAPS News - March 2020

Novel Coronavirus is causing unprecedented disruptions in global supply chains and in our professional and personal lives. As a result of precautionary measures, we and many other companies are taking advantage of virtual workspaces to continue to provide you with the knowledge that inspires your practice. In the meantime, the CAPS team hopes you and yours are safe and healthy, and that life and business normalize as quickly as possible.

Monthly metric:
Supply Management Transformation
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Is your Supply Management group undergoing a well-defined, substantial transformation effort? We asked 54 companies from different industries the same question, and 42 (78%) said yes. 

When asked where the transformation initiative originated:

  • 60% of companies said the CPO level leadership
  • 33% said the C-suite / enterprise-driven
  • 5% said a business unit / operating division
  • 2% said a third-party / consultant

Source: Supply Management Transformation, CAPS Research, February 2020.

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Supply Chain Costing Strategies
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Does your company have annual cost savings goals that Supply Management is expected to achieve?  Most companies do, but more importantly, how are these goals established? CAPS wanted to know, so we asked a group of CPOs:

  • How cost savings goals are established
  • If spend categories are differentiated based on their life cycle stage, and how
  • What variables are taken into consideration when setting the targets
  • The strengths and weaknesses of their current approach

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