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CAPS News - June 2020

When Deb Stanton became executive director of CAPS in August 2014, she brought with her more than 30 years of supply management experience, with leadership positions at Mastercard, Honeywell, Whirlpool, and Temple-Inland. At CAPS, Deb has since transformed our research program, technological capabilities, membership offerings, and team. She is not only a supply management visionary, but an accomplished crafter and dedicated grandmother - the latter of which now call her attention. The CAPS team wishes Deb all the best in her retirement, is grateful for her leadership and excited for her next chapter, and also looking forward to welcoming our new executive director.

Brian Fuller Bryan Fuller comes to us from Mastercard, where he was CPO and EVP Supply Chain and Corporate Services. Bryan gained extensive supply management experience at Whirlpool, Temple-Inland, and Monsanto; is an alumnus of Arizona State University (B.S. in SCM) and Tulane University (MBA); and, has served on the CAPS board for nearly two years. We look forward to working with Bryan, as we leverage his expertise, evolve and enrich our offerings, and continue to advance as an organization.

Monthly metric:
Using Supplier Assessment Tools to Monitor Risk
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72% of companies are using third-party tools to monitor the financial health of their suppliers.
It’s very likely this number has increased since the report released in April, due to the pandemic. Small suppliers, especially those not deemed essential businesses, are more vulnerable to the impact of the pandemic.

38% of companies use third-party tools to monitor legal and regulatory risk and 26% use tools to monitor human rights violations in the supply chain.

Source: Supplier Assessment Tools, CAPS Research, 2020.

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Outsourcing Supply Management Activities
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Whether to outsource sourcing and procurement activities continues to be an active conversation for many supply management leaders. These conversations are part of their continual effort to evaluate and configure for the optimal organization design, resource allocation, and strategic position of the function.

Five years ago, 56% of companies surveyed said they outsourced at least one supply management activity and/or business process.   

The spend categories with the most frequent occurrence of outsourced supply management activity were:

  • Travel
  • Facilities Services
  • Logistics
  • Direct goods / materials

The most frequently outsourced supply management activity for these spend categories were:

  • Travel – Implementation, Onboarding of Suppliers in a tie with Managing Supplier Qualifications
  • Facilities Services – Contract Management and Compliance
  • Logistics – Implementation, Onboarding of Suppliers
  • Direct goods / materials – Req to PO Process in a tie with Order, Shipping, Receiving Optimization

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