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CAPS News - February 2020

We're making continuous improvements to the CAPS Library and this month we've added a featured tab to help you find interesting reports and enhanced search functionality. Also, though we reserve reports released in the last four years for members, we've just unlocked all the 2015 reports and are rolling out the 2016 reports! Need access? Create a free account now.

Monthly metric:
New Measures of Value
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Many companies are looking for ways to show the value of supply management (SM) and align their metrics to those of the company. We asked global companies to identify existing, defined metrics that go beyond the traditional. The 46 companies that responded use the following metrics:

80% budget impact
59% SM’s contribution to reduction in working capital
57% SM return on investment
52% SM contribution to increased margins

Source: New Measures of Value, CAPS Research, 2019.

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Effective Collaboration for Supplier Innovation
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What are the attributes that foster a successful supplier innovation program in a collaborative relationship between suppliers and buying companies?  Here are the top three identified by 42 global companies: 

  • The supplier trusts the buying organization
  • The supplier trusts the individuals at the buying company because of regular contact
  • The supplier knows who the key contacts are at the buying company through each stage of the Source-to-Pay process

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