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CAPS News - November 2019

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Supplier Ecosystems

Developing Supplier Ecosystems to Create Value

Supplier ecosystems can help you leverage new and diverse talents that traditionally weren’t part of product development and innovation. Through collaboration and co-opetition supplier ecosystems can provide both tactical and strategic benefits that had previously been unachievable. Check out our preview video now.

Monthly metric:
Supply Management Digital Transformation 

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The CAPS benchmarking report, Digital Transformation and Data Analytics, highlights three digital initiatives within the supply management groups at 30 large corporations across multiple industries:

69% have a dedicated data analytics team

50% use Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

7% use blockchain technology

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P2P Cycle Time

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CPO Insights - Supply Management Ecosystems

Compelling reports in the CAPS Library:
Supplier Performance Measurement Programs
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82% of the companies we surveyed say their supplier measurement programs are matrixed...

....meaning a combination of managers and senior leaders are actively engaged in measuring supplier performance.  One-third of the companies say the C-suite is actively engaged

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