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CAPS News - May 2019

As the cold weather subsides, the month of May brings growth and newness, and everything around us is alive with color and energy. This is also true within the CAPS offices. We've issued our annual Metrics of Supply Management (Cross-Industry) Survey, so stay tuned for a bounty of critical metrics, and the Investment Recovery Survey is out, as well.

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Quick fact: Cost Savings & Reporting

We hear a lot of buzz around cost savings and recently sent out a Snapshot survey to gather information for you on this hot topic. Of the 81 responding companies, 65% said cost savings calculations are verified by the finance department and 49% audit its estimated costs to ensure they are realized and sustained.

Time and money

We also investigated the challenges with cost savings initiatives. The most frequently selected challenge at 69% was “time or resource constraints in supply management/procurement or with business partners,” and the runner up at 38% was “lack of clarity or prioritization of opportunities.” 

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The Metrics of Supply Management
CPO Insights – Online Marketplaces
Supplier Diversity Program Performance
Supply Management Organization Maturity

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CAPS reearch studies

NEW RESEARCH: Measuring & Managing Risks in the Supply Chain

Risk measurement allows supply management practitioners to anticipate, react to, prioritize, and effectively manage risk, from dealing with significant events to establishing best practices of risk avoidance in every-day operations. This report will prepare you with best practices for measuring different categories of risk. Measuring Risks

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June 4: Innovative Approaches to Cost Savings
Sept. 17: Sustainability: Smart Business for a Better World
Oct. 22-23: CAPS Supply Management Roundtable - North America

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