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CAPS News - April 2019

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You're busy, we're busy, and we all want the kind of information and resources that make us better at our jobs. Lately, CAPS has been focusing on short-form, bite-sized content that is knowledge-rich, and that also won't take a whole lot of time to digest. We're keeping the newsletter short and sweet, adding more to the CAPS blog, keeping most videos under three minutes, and sending out CAPS Stats and member-only emails separately. What information do you count on from CAPS? How can we help you be better at what you do? What do you wish we'd do more of? Hit reply and let us know! 


Quick fact: eAuctions

At our recent CPO Roundtable, we asked attendees to provide insight into their use of eAuctions for procurement. Of the 24 respondents, 37% said they achieved between 6-10% in incremental savings (beyond the initial quote) using eAuctions. The most frequently cited spend areas where eAuctions are used include temp labor, raw/direct materials, and technology equipment/software.  eAuctiton

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CAPS reearch studies


Counterfeiting in the Supply Chain:
Identification, Containment & Prevention by Adopting a Multi-Pronged Approach

The problem of counterfeiting in the supply chain plagues companies in every industry. A multilayered strategy that adopts multiple approaches and engages the entire organization is needed. This report looks into the growth of counterfeiting and gives recommendations to attack it at the source.

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