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Supply management ROI

CAPS Infographic -  Supply management return on investment

Supply management (SM) return on investment (ROI) is a simple way to communicate the value your supply management group delivers to stakeholders. To calculate your organization’s SM ROI, divide cost savings (reduction + avoidance) by supply management operating expenses. In 2021, every US$1 invested in supply management returned $6.35 – an average of all companies’ ROI using reduction + avoidance savings.

The annual CAPS Metrics of Supply Management survey will be released in two weeks. Member companies that participate can now compare their data across industries and over time in the on-demand Metrics Dashboard and can read the most recent Metrics of Supply Management Report. For non-members, the best way to access more than 100 key metrics is to participate in the survey – as thanks, we’ll send you a free copy of the results.  

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