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Supply chain professionals have spent another year in the unwanted spotlight, with supply shortages continuing to dominate the news as we enter the busiest shopping season of the year.

On top of continued supply chain complications, widespread talent shortages have affected nearly every industry this year. Unfortunately, material shortages and talent woes are expected to continue well into next year.

The last 18 months of the pandemic have brought the need for specific skill to the forefront of CPOs’ minds. Developing a resilient category strategy, managing through inflation, new contracting strategies, and increased supplier risk management are a few of the skills recently mentioned. Could your organization benefit from any of these roles?

With 2021 wrapping up, it's an excellent time to review your talent needs and identify skill gaps to address in the coming year. Not sure where to start?

CAPS recently published a 2-page summary reviewing the highest-ranked supply management and interpersonal skill gaps, according to CPOs. Topping the list for supply management skill gaps was emerging technology and advanced analytics skills. This skillset will only become increasingly important as organizations continue to implement technologies like blockchain, RPA, and advanced analytics. When it comes to interpersonal skills, CPOs identified strategic thinking as the top skill gap they are seeing.

The full list of the top skill gaps is available now with a free CAPS library account: Talent Skills Gap: A CPO Perspective.

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