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See how you stack up against your peers


Our comprehensive benchmarking gives companies exceptional insight into how they compare to other organizations using supply management KPIs.

And at CAPS Research, we let the data speak for itself.  We work side by side with you to understand what the metrics mean, to provide analysis and make connections to other research we’re doing with other global supply organizations.  We won’t ever use the data to point to some new “solution” you should buy.

As a trusted non-profit, we are committed to integrity and confidentiality every step of the process, from survey design and data collection to reporting and analysis.

Our team is committed to helping provide you with the actionable benchmarks you need, whether it’s to improve your processes or justify new investments.


Measure up. Move forward.

Become a member company and gain access to our in-depth industry benchmarking data and insights on best practices.

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Targeted metrics for on-target answers


One of our most demanded reports gives every company in a unique industry sector an opportunity to compare their supply management business practices to those of others within the same industry sector.


By regularly looking at specific metrics being collected from different industry sectors, we report on the core benchmarking information that provides a snapshot of supply management key performance indicators.

Put our credibility and relationships to work for you.  Gain cross-industry insights you need using our established history and ability to work with a variety of organizations from different industry groups.


There are many times when standard benchmarking reports need the added insight of a survey that asks for information on a specific topic from targeted groups of participants.

The benchmarking team at CAPS Research is happy to work with different groups, associations, and organizations to develop tailored surveys that will provide the right metrics for in-depth analyses.   Examples include:

  • supplier or internal satisfaction
  • supplier diversity
  • suppliers’ “green” practices
  • investment recovery performance


Measure up. Move forward.

Become a member company and gain access to our in-depth cross-industry benchmarking data and insights on best practices.

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Subscription services for companies with less than $3 billion in revenue


Experience new depth and additional insights from our benchmarking programs.  We combine the success of our existing survey process with new value-add activities, making it available to a broader range of corporations.

Our expanded benchmarking services include:

  • Industry advisory groups
  • Survey collaboration
  • Metric reports
  • Best practices reports
  • Comparative reports
  • Breakout reports
  • Industry debrief

Annual Subscription Fees

Company annual revenue   < $1 Billion              $5,000
Company annual revenue       $1-$3 Billion       $10,000
Company annual revenue    > $3 Billion            $15,000  = company membership


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Take advantage of our reliable, confidential, and agenda-free Benchmarking Subscription Service, and get new perspectives which you need to excel.   Fill out our quick contact form and a team member will get in touch with you soon to discuss the details.

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Grounded in real-world insight for real results

Every industry benchmark survey is grounded in real-world insight and is advised by a team of senior managers from each industry being measured. Benchmarking just doesn't get more practical than this.