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About CAPS Research

We live and breathe supply chain management


Since 1986, CAPS Research has been providing thorough, practical research for our strategic-minded corporate members and forward looking insights for the academic community as the leading non-profit supply chain research organization. Our careful and credible research methods, reputation for unrelenting accuracy, and mission to deliver that research without bias set us apart from other supply research organizations.

At our core, CAPS Research is a team of hardworking people who are passionate about delivering high quality supply management research. Everyone here knows that there are thousands of people whose jobs depend on the accuracy and integrity of timely research and strategic insights. We look forward to the opportunity to help professionals from many industries gain an advantage for many years to come.

Not for profit. For possibility.

Making a difference for you

Our team works hard to deliver the real world insights you depend on. These are the people who make it all happen.

Richard A. Boyle, Ph.D.
Director of Corporate Membership/Operations
Oversees fundraising from major corporate supporters; plans CAPS Research/ISM budget; responsible for administrative issues.

telephone 480/752-6276, ext. 3050
fax 480/491-7885

Steve Koch
Director of Information Technology Services
Manages the information services required to support CAPS Research initiatives, while developing, maintaining, and supporting applications and databases.

telephone 480/752-6276, ext. 3116
fax 480/491-7885

Miranda Kuhns
Benchmarking Research Project Manager
Organizes and tracks progress of benchmarking activities. Prepares benchmarking reports. Develops new benchmarking products. Liaison between CAPS Research and benchmarking participants.

telephone  480/752-6276, ext. 3016
fax 480/491-7885

Steve Lutha
Benchmarking Research Specialist
Organizes and tracks progress of benchmarking activities. Prepares benchmarking reports. Develops new benchmarking products. Liaison between CAPS Research and benchmarking participants.

telephone 480/752-6276, ext. 3071
fax 480/491-7885

Debbie Maciejewski
Research/Marketing Manager
Manages and coordinates research project activities including publication of research. Organizes and tracks progress of marketing activities. Liaison between CAPS Research and related organizations.

telephone  480/752-6276, ext. 3046
fax 480/491-7885

Tammy A. Schwerman
IS Administrator/Web Master
Manages and/or supports the administration, development, maintenance, and content of CAPS Research web applications. Also maintains and supports internal software and related IS infrastructure.

telephone  480/752-6276, ext. 3054
fax 480/491-7885

Deborah K. Stanton
Managing Director
Responsible for executive leadership and operations of CAPS Research to ensure best in class benchmarking and research is delivered to our Corporate members. Provide a differentiated experience and a strong network for CPOs and their organizations through roundtables, workshops, critical issue forums, and customized work.

telephone 480/752-6276, ext. 3004
fax 480/491-7885

Kristin Thies
Benchmarking Manager
Supervises benchmarking activities. Develops new benchmarking products. Key liaison between CAPS Research and benchmarking participants.

telephone  480/752-6276, ext. 3037
fax 480/491-7885

D. Steven Wade
Director of Benchmarking
Oversees all benchmarking research activities. Responsible for development and implementation of new benchmarking research studies.

telephone  480/752-6276, ext. 3060
fax 480/491-7885

Jan Willoughby
Business Manager
Organizes and tracks progress of fund raising, budgets, and administrative issues.

telephone  480/752-6276, ext. 3115
fax 480/491-7885

Geoff Zwemke
Director of Marketing and Executive Programs
Oversees the marketing activities and the Executive Roundtables, Best Practices Workshops, Critical Issues Partnership and all other programs.

telephone  480/752-6276, ext. 3052
fax 480/491-7885

Christine Breves, C.P.M.

Christine Breves, C.P.M.
U.S. Steel
Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown
Dell Inc.
Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Susan Brownell

Susan Brownell
U.S. Postal Service

Vice President, Supply Management

Daniel Carrell

Daniel Carrell
Vice President, IBM Integrated Supply Chain

Phillip Carter

Phillip L. Carter, D.B.A.
CAPS Research

Executive Director
Arizona State University
Harold E. Fearon Chair of Purchasing Management

Thomas Derry

Thomas W. Derry
Institute for Supply Management®(ISM®)

Chief Executive Officer


Harold Fearon

Harold E. Fearon, Ph.D., C.P.M.
CAPS Research

Director Emeritus

Tim Fiore

Timothy R. Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M., Chair
ThyssenKrupp NA

Former Senior Vice President Supply Management,
CPO and member of the Executive Board

John Fowler, Ph.D.

John Fowler, Ph.D.
Arizona State University
W. P. Carey School of Business
Chair, Supply Chain Management

Beverly Gaskin

Beverly J. Gaskin
GM Thermal Systems

Global Purchasing Supply Chain Executive Director

David Hammerle

David A. Hammerle
Bechtel Corporation

Principal Vice President, Corporate Manager
of Procurement & Contracts

Amy Hillman

Amy Hillman
Arizona State University

W. P. Carey School of Business

Maria Lindenberg

Maria Lindenberg
Chevron Corporation

Chief Procurement Officer

Vince Messimer

Vince Messimer
Royal Dutch Shell PLC

Vice President – Procurement

Robert Monczka

Robert M. Monczka, Ph.D., C.P.M.
CAPS Research

Director Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Strategy Research
Arizona State University
Research Professor of Supply Chain Management

Carl Oberland

Carl F. Oberland
Siemens Industry, Inc.

Vice President, Supply Chain Management North America

Kevin Petrie

Kevin Petrie

Senior Vice President and Head of Procurement

Michael Slomke

Michael E. Slomke, C.P.M.
Honeywell International Inc.

Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Colleen Soukup

Colleen Soukup
General Mills, Inc.
Vice President, Worldwide Sourcing

Deb Stanton

Deborah K. Stanton
CAPS Research

Managing Director

Shelley Stewart

Shelley Stewart, Jr.

Vice President, Sourcing and Logistics and
Chief Procurement Officer

Jacklyn Sturm

Jacklyn A. Sturm
Intel Corporation

Vice President, Technology Manufacturing Group &
GM Global Sourcing and Procurement

David Wohler

David E. Wohler, C.P.M.

Vice President, Global Sourcing

Jeffrey Wood

Jeffrey M. Wood

VP of Global Procurement

More than 25 years of shaping the profession

  • Over 300 large, global firms as corporate members
  • Nearly 100 in-depth research publications on strategic topics
  • Hundreds of benchmarking reports on over 20 industries and topics
  • Global research events across the U.S., Europe, and Asia
  • Partnerships with 30 leading universities