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CAPS Health Sector Research Consortium (CAPS-HSRC)


The CAPS Health Sector Research Consortium (CAPS-HSRC) gathers health sector supply chain executives to explore and inspire customer-focused, end-to-end supply chain management research and leadership unique to the health industry. Members also have the opportunity to gain insight into other industries’ best practices, and, in turn, influence some of the world’s top strategic supply management executives with thought leadership from the health industry.

HSRC was founded in 2004 at Arizona State University to bring academic research on supply management to health sector organizations including distributors, suppliers, group purchasing organizations, health information technology providers, and hospital systems.

In 2015, CAPS integrated the HSRC as an Industry Advisory Group, enjoying all the benefits of HSRC membership combined with enhanced CAPS membership benefits and cross-industry resources like practitioner-focused research, benchmarking services, and peer-to-peer networking events. With a single financial commitment to CAPS, HSRC membership is open to all companies in the health sector, contributing further to the group’s breadth, activity, data, and intellectual capital.

The CAPS-HSRC is the leading source of unbiased, actionable research and strategic resources to reduce risk, lower cost, influence policy, and accelerate the performance of the health sector supply chain.

Check out the CAPS-HSRC handout (PDF) for more information.

Annual Mark McKenna Lecture

Sponsored by the Mark McKenna Foundation, the Annual Mark McKenna Lecture brings key innovators and thought leaders in health care to Arizona State University to speak on current health care issues and highlight the importance of the supply chain in improving organizational performance and clinical practice. Information about the next lecture will be posted when it becomes available.

Learn about Mark McKenna Foundation Lectures

Annual Research Dissemination Conferences

Each year the Health Sector Advisory Group (HSRC) holds the Research Dissemination Conference. This conference provides current CAPS-HSRC research updates, opportunities for knowledge sharing around important healthcare supply management topics, and a more informal session with each years’ McKenna Lecture keynote speaker. Information about the next conference will be posted when it becomes available.

CAPS-HSRC Industry Advisory Group Meetings

The CAPS Industry Advisory Group – Health Sector is an interactive conversation that defines opportunities, issues, risks, and top trends in supply management for the health sector, designed for professionals in the health and supply chain management industries. Information about the next meeting will be posted when it becomes available.

Advancing the Health Sector Supply Chain Through Research

  • Research – We engage in cutting-edge research on the healthcare supply chain.
  • Thought Leadership – We function as a think tank for new ideas that drive excellence and innovation in the healthcare supply chain.
  • Collaboration – Our best synergies are developed through collaboration with member organizations representing multiple stakeholders and functions across the healthcare supply chain.
  • Industry Guidance – We are responsive to industry needs and provide resources to raise the standard of management and policy of our function.